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How Many Problems Can You Find on This Flat Roof?

Contractor selection for your flat roof is very important.  Most shingle roofing contractors will state they can install your flat roof project...but are they proficient?  Some are.  If they are not you may end up with a roof like this.  

We were asked to evaluate the installation of this roof and make the required repairs.  To the owner's dismay, we had to let them know that the install is deficient in multiple areas.  To no one's surprise, this roof is leaking in several areas and there are probably a few more that have not shown signs yet.

 To establish if a contractor understands flat roofing, ask these questions:
  • Are you licensed in Denver with a D7 Roofing and Waterproofing License (and if they use subs, are they licensed).  This is important because Denver is the only municipality that requires an elevated and separate license to install flat roofs.  Shingle only licenses are not permitted to install flat roofs.
  • How long have you been installing flat roofs?
  • What types of roof systems have you installed?
  • What equipment do you own?
  • Are you manufacturer certified and did you train at their facility?  If so, with what manufacturer and for how long?
  • Does the contractor use subcontractors?  If so, do their subcontractors know what they are doing?
  • Do you have current and adequate Workers Comp and General Liability insurance?
  • Can you offer No Dollar Limit Warranties?
And...there are at least six problems visible.  Contact us for a complete list or to discuss your roofing issue or project.
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